Rex Gardner Deportation – Predictable, Vore

Vore has deported another vulagi publisher.  Again. 

 Why is this upsetting?  Well, it shows, in a telling way, that this illegal regime has no interest in any pillars of the democracy, such as free and unfettered media, independent judiciary, elections, human rights.  But we knew that already. 

 It means that the excellent journalists at The Fiji Times will wait and see who Gardner’s replacement is.  Will it be another old Fiji hand, like Gene Swinstead, or a new boy / girl on the block?  The feminist in me hopes News Corp will send a woman.  I’d love to see the military try their idiocy on a hard-boiled news she-hound.  It will be interesting to see what the Murdoch family’s next move is. 

 It is personally upsetting because I found Rex Gardner to be a decent man, an extremely talented old school journalist, and I think he had a lot more too offer Fiji and our future than this ridiculous, self-aggrandising illegal regime would ever permit.  That is a pity because right now we can use all the talent and help we can get, to get our beloved nation back on track. 

 But most of all it is upsetting because it proves, yet again, that Vore is a One Trick Pony. 

 Mark Twain said that to a man with a hammer, every problem is a nail.  Vore’s hammer is his ability to order his troops.  To him, every problem is solved through getting his minions to do his bidding, no matter how stupid, facile, ill-planned or repetitive that bidding may be.  Newspapers are criticising me – deport a publisher.  Newspapers are criticising my government – deport another publisher.  Newspapers are criticising me again – deport another publisher.  

 Vore – did you ever stop to think why this keeps happening?  Maybe the problem is not coming from the publishers?  Maybe deporting the publishers will not make the problem go away.  It hasn’t worked so far.  What makes you think it will work this time or next time? 

 The problem is not the publishers.  Otherwise it would stop when the publishers go.  It’s not stopping when the publishers leave, therefore the publishers are not causing the problem.  No.  The problem is you and your illegal, lawless regime of fools, cronies and crooks.

 Your latest stupidity, Vore, will echo with the Forum Leaders who will now see for themselves how insincere, untrustworthy and worthless you really are. 

 God bless Fiji 


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