Media Free, Judges Bought

“Media Free” screamed The Fiji Times headline.  The online edition reported Solicitor General C.Pryde’s comments on the judgement, delivered by so-called Justice Thomas Hickie.  Pryde gave Attorney General MyArse a verbal cuddle, quoting “it’s the Attorney-General bringing the matter before the court in the public interest and that is very important”.

Oh!  Is it?  Is it really?  Well, if THAT is very important, how about the proverbial elephant in the room that you continue to ignore?  How about the fact that you, and your boss and his appointed judges, and the entire regime for which you work, all occupy your positions unlawfully?  Surely that “matter” deserves a far more prominent place in the public interest.

Whatever they used to buy off … oh, sorry, to “settle with” … Justice Fatiaki shows how adept the regime has become at paying off members of the judiciary.

The media may be free.  But those judges are, sure as hell, completely bought.  Whatever they are costing the taxpayer, they ain’t worth it. 

Justice?  They don’t know the meaning of the word.
God bless Fiji


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