Criminal Record v Bully

It has been revealed on other blogsites that, in the good old days when our military was a respectable, reputable institution, one of their most inflexible recruitment criteria was that cadets must have a clean sheet – no criminal convictions, no exceptions.  Alas for the good old days!   How times have changed, in the case of our military, sadly for the worse.  

With the reappointment of Kean, dripping in nepotism, to head our Naval forces, many current and former military heads are shaking in disbelief.  What happened to the old code?  Where is the self-respect?  Kuts, back in form at the SWM site, told us how an old friend had been refused a cadetship because he had a drunk and disorderly charge in his youth.  The interviewing officer, Colonel Vatu, expressed the time-honoured code – criminal conviction means you’re out.  

Perhaps this is how the conversation would have gone between the late Colonel Vatu and FK.

Col. Vatu : The Military has a zero tolerance on crime and if you have a criminal record, there is no place for you in the Military.

FK : *$\[-$!:’%$&!!

Col Vatu : Oh, you’re a bully! Well, that’s different.

FK : *&$^+=%£$>*!!!

Col Vatu : See that queue over there? That’s for the Naval Officer training cadets. Please just step to the back of the queue and fight your way to the front.

FK : *&^$+-=<*&@£$>!!

Col Vatu : Yes, it IS a long queue. I think it goes all the way back to … isa, well, how about that … it goes all the way back to Naboro!

God bless Fiji