Jobz for the Boiz

With all the heartbreak and turmoil in the land, and yet Vore still finds time to degrade us yet another notch.  How can he be indulging in nepotism of the highest order, at a time like this?  

The timing of this announcement is significant.  Why would the regime tell us this now, when we are all focussed on the flood and its aftermath?  Perhaps because they want to ‘bury’ the news in the hope that, because we are mostly looking the other way (at the floods) the people who would usually protest about nepotism on this scale, will be too busy concentrating saving lives and communities.  Cynical, even for these boi(ca)z.  

Qarase’s disgusted, not Rabuka

The Fiji Times, Saturday, January 17, 2009

IT is absolutely not right for a person implicated in a serious offence such as the killing of someone to be reinstated in an institution like the Navy as its commander, says Laisenia Qarase.

This was his reaction to the reappointment of Francis Kean as Navy Commander.

“It’s absolutely not right for a person jailed for manslaughter and released prematurely to be reappointed to that post,” he said.

Mr Qarase said the reappointment was an insult to the people and was simply a sign of nepotism because Mr Kean was the brother-in-law of interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

But former military commander Sitiveni Rabuka said there was nothing wrong with the reappointment.

“After conviction and when the person serves time in prison, he has paid for his crime,” Mr Rabuka said.

He said when the person is released he “is a free man”.

“His conviction should not be reason for condemnation,” Mr Rabuka said, adding a free person should be allowed to be absorbed into society even if it means reappointment because he has paid the price for the crime.

Mr Rabuka said this was the same treatment that should have been given to people like the Tui Cakau, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, and former Vice President Ratu Jope Seniloli who were implicated in the 2000 coup.

“They’re free to be absorbed in society – that’s how people should see it,” he said.

God bless Fiji