Chodopu$$ in his Mother(***king) land

So, the malodorous Chodokant has returned to India.

A few problems with his ‘mission’ over there.  

In the first instance, what Fiji needs now is countries that will BUY our goods.  Chodo doesn’t care about that.  He’s not trying to sell our goods in India, he wants us to buy their stuff which, frankly, isn’t the first thing on the list of what Fiji really needs in this time of crisis. 

In the second instance, once again, Chodo has proven that Fiji’s interests are not what he has at heart.  All he cares about is India India India.  And India’s interests.  Actually, that’s a great thing.  But if he loves India so very much, why the hell doesn’t he just stay there?  Leave Fiji, leave us and our impoverished cane farmers the **** alone so we can solve our own problems and we can be rid of him and his rancid son once and for all.  

Thirdly, Chodo is trying to use Jim Ah Koy’s cosy love-in with the Chinese government as leverage to compel the Indian government to get more involved with what is going on in Fiji, shown in his comment “… much as China has been doing.”  I know that our situation in Fiji is worse than bad.  But his attitude shows his complete lack of respect for our nation’s sovereignty in that he is trying to impose an external solution (from India) rather than let us sort out our own problems (getting to free and fair elections).  Direct flights to India ain’t gonna get us free and fair elections.  In fact, if Chodo has anything to do with it, it will have the opposite effect.  

Please, whoever is checking-in Chodo’s return flight – can you refuse to board him?  Let him stay in India.  Forever.  Do us all a favour (even him).  

God bless Fiji