The Corruption of Legal Aid

Is there anyone surprised to see that, even from the ‘sidelines’ of the illegal regime, Chodopu$$y is still looking after his electorate by feathering their nests?

While the goons prevent the rest of our legitimately elected representatives from looking after their constituents, Chodopu$$ manages to finagle a new Legal Aid office into his home district of Ba.

He accuses the SDL party of corrupt practices and an ‘agricultural scam’.  Proof positive that, were he not a complete hypocrite, Chodothru$h would be nothing.

Legal Aid is a system which respects the principles of equality before the law, and due process under the rule of law by allowing deprived people access to quality legal representation.  Without it, the disadvantaged of the community might be further disadvantaged against the state or affluent legal opponents.

Instead of giving out some shovels and farming equipment, Chodopu$$y sends them free lawyers.  And believe me, under his system of “justice”, those free lawyers are worth every cent!

Chodothru$h’$ Ai-arse licking lapdog has delivered yet another nail into the coffin of the rule of law in Fiji by choosing to allow the noble principles of Legal Aid to be so thoroughly corrupted in this way.  I could turn a blind eye when Chodopu$$ and Sahu Khan set up their soccer academy in Ba, cementing the district’s claim to first place in the league forevermore (despite rampant lack of natural talent).  But this is going too far.

Chodothru$h was happy to point out, in the days we had a legitimate government and he was in opposition, that the North was neglected because there were so many impoverished cane farmers there living below the poverty line.  Why then has the new Legal Aid office ended up in Ba and not Labasa?  Simple answer – Chodopu$$y smells new elections in the offing and he wants to keep his voters sweet on him.

So, now that the Illegal Regime has invited all political parties to join in a “Forum” which I am sure will thoroughly explore new boundaries of partiality in conducting talks, what next for the malodorous Chodokant?

Chodopu$$ has stirred up racial tensions for his own ends.  He’s planned and staged a military coup-de’tat for his own ends.  He’s destroyed the rule of law in Fiji for his own ends.  He’s impoverished hundreds of thousands of cane farmers by crippling the sugar industry for his own ends.  He’s stolen millions of dollars from those very people and diverted them into his personal overseas bank accounts for his own ends.  To what new depths of depravity can he sink?  To be honest, I really do not want to find out.

I do, however, want to see Chodokant annihilated and humiliated at the ballot box.

Tabu soro
God bless Fiji.

Legal Aid office opens doors in Ba Fiji Times Online, Saturday, October 18, 2008
THE opening of the Legal Aid Commission’s Office in Ba has been described as part of the interim regime’s commitment to guarantee everyone access to justice.

And the Government has promised to open up more Legal Aid offices throughout the country.
The opening ceremony yesterday marked a milestone for the commission as it celebrates its 10th year of existence.

Interim Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the Ba office will not only provide services to those within the Ba area but to citizens domiciled in and around Tavua and Rakiraki.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the new office would decrease inefficiencies and contribute to increasing productivity as people would not need to spend time and money traveling elsewhere to a legal aid office.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the new office would facilitate access to justice for all citizens in Ba to Rakiraki.

“Access to justice is one of the many initiatives that the Government of Commodore Bainimarama wants and has started to make a reality for the people of Fiji. “Last year, the Government increased its funding to the commission and we hope to increase funding in next year’s budget or at the very least maintain funding at the increased levels,” he said.

“Democracy is not only achieved through elections, although it is an important facet of it.”
“Democracy is achieved through proper representation and empowerment of all citizens in our country.”