Democracy & War

According to Great Britian’s former Prime Minister, Tony Blair who gave his inaugural lecture at Yale this week, in the history of the world, no two democracies have ever gone to war against each other.  The statement has the kind of shocking simplicity which makes one stop and think.  But what about Great Britain and Argentina, didn’t they fight over the Falklands?  Yes.  But Argentina at that time was not a democracy.  What of India and Pakistan?  Well yes, the tensions between the two are undeniable.  But they have never taken the last, decisive step into war.  South and North Korea?  South democracy 1, North democracy 0.  What about all those wars in Africa?  Well, as marvellous as Africa is, democracy remains thin on the ground although where it has thrived, so has life, economy and stability.

So where does that leave Fiji, “the way the world should be”?  No wonder our neighbours in the Pacific Islands Forum are getting nervous.  With our historic propensity for coup-d’etat and our trigger-happy coward of a dictator covetously eying the seat of the President, the prospect of war in the Pacific is not completely off the table.

Bainimarama and his Master Chodo (who has left the regime but remains without doubt the main puppeteer) continue to play their dangerous game with the lives of Fiji’s people, and the futures of our children.  Bainimarama might think he has broken free of Chodo, but Chodo’s mysterious financial backers hover in the wings, just out of sight but ever willing to send forth their reinforcements, money, whatever, to support Chodo’s plan eradicate indigenous self-determination.  Meanwhile I’m Coy has got the China interested, another non-democratic state who would not think twice about helping Fiji further down the road away from democracy, lifting some very useful mineral resources along the way.

Thank God for the democratic states and institutions who continue to support Fiji’s return to democracy.  Australia, NZ, the Forum, the EU, USA, UK, the ADB et al remain consistent in their message and actions that Fiji must return to free and fair elections as soon as possible.

Bainimarama needs to understand that he has got to where he is today through Chodo’s planning but also through dumb luck.  That luck has run out. The only skin Chodo is protecting is his own.  The long arm of the law has found Vore, at last.  The aid agencies won’t fund him.  The ADB can’t deal with him because of his illegality.  Justice is catching up with him through Mr Qarase’s case, SDL’s complaint, CJ Fatiaki’s case and a slew of other cases waiting for their day in court.  The foreign judges he has appointed cannot rule against the Constitution, unless of course they want to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are utterly corrupt.  Where next for Frankie?  In his desperation he is trying the UN.  Fat chance.  Unless he can find a sub-committee chaired by Mugabe and comprising Tan Shwe, Kim Jong Il, Pik Botha, Pol Pot, Stalin and the wacko from Tajikistan.  Of course he has the option to abrogate the Constitution, but somehow I don’t think the Military Council or the common soldiery will stand for it.

No, Vore has reached his impasse.

Let us pray that in his weariness he somehow finds the wisdom and the courage to call it a day, and surrender to God’s will and the will of the people, and bow out.

Let Vore surrender to democracy, and let the people of Fiji have our freedom once again to be free from tyranny, instability and the prospect of war.

God bless Fiji


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