Charter Hypocrisy

The thing that most annoys me about the Charter is the sheer hypocrisy of it.

Chodo’s Charter (yes, I blame him for it!) positively reeks of double standards. For instance:
Beginning with our colonial legacy of “divide and rule” and the institutionalisation of communal identities, our people have tended to identify more strongly with their religions, ethnicity and by their various communities or provinces than by nationality. Racially divisive leadership has contributed to the situation that we are now a fractured and fragmented society. We have tended to focus on the differences that divide us rather than on our common shared values and interests.
** Right, well. Guess who is THE undisputed KING of racially divisive leadership??? Chodo makes Karl Rove look like a marriage counsellor. At rallies and farmers’ meetings where he delivers his most putrid, disruptive, splittist us-against-them rants, he doesn’t even have the decency to say it in English or Fijian. Yes folks, Chodo’s racially divisive speeches are all in Hindi.
** In an earlier post on this blog, “Same s**t, different year”, I quoted the late Sir Len Usher’s letters where the great man himself points the finger at Chodo for exacerbating racial tensions for his own political gain.


Our problems today are deep­rooted and complex. We, the people of Fiji, must come together, join

hands, and work together, to address all our problems.
** Our problems are NOT complex. They are very simple. We have a legitimate Constitution and Chodo’s bastards are raping it, our rights and freedoms, and our children’s future. If Chodo’s bastards would stop fussing and hold an election, our problems today will vanish into thin are. Nothing complex about it, and its roots only go back to December 2006.


Our common and equal citizenship underlines our desire for more inclusiveness, mutual respect, a common national identity, unity, loyalty, social cohesion, integration, confidence, and belongingness to Fiji.
** Common citizenship and a common national identity does NOT equate with the idiocy of attacking the meaning of ‘Fijian’ and diluting it to mean any old Tom, Dick or Harriett who is lucky enough to own a skyblue passport. If Indians want to call their language ‘Hindi’, that is their problem. It doesn’t mean we have to rename our language to ‘Vosa Vakaviti’. My German friend is German. I don’t call her Deutsch. A Frenchman is French, not francais. God help you if you call a Scot an Englishman to his face. Fijians are Fijians. Rotumans are Rotumans. IndoFijians are whatever they want to be called, as long as it ain’t Fijian.


Our nation is in urgent need of genuine, trust­ based dialogue and peace building for which qualities of

humility, compassion, honesty and openness to other views and interests are essential.
** Chodo’s style of trade unionism is the complete antithesis of trust-based dialogue. Honesty and openness don’t even enter into the picture. He is an anachronism, a pimple on the bum of the international trade union movement – which thrives on good faith, not the pretence of good faith which is Chodo’s modus operandi.


Our nation needs to urgently remove all unjustifiable systems, policies and programmes which are based on racial discrimination or narrow communal considerations.
** We did. And the interests of our people were protected by something called The Constitution. And your definition of ‘unjustifiable’ serves only your own interests, while ignoring the rights, hopes and aspirations of the indigenous people in our own land.

Our nation must have a freely and fairly elected Parliament that is representative of the people of our country to strengthen and sustain democratic governance.
** We have one. You bastards just won’t let them sit down and get on with the jobs we elected them to do.
** Opposition leader Mick Beddoes is doing a great job nevertheless, with his consistent on-the-money comments against NCBBF and the illegal regime. Kudos also go to our Mr Laisenia Qarase – his analysis in the Fiji Times 15&16/08/08 is excellent – Ro Temeimu Kepa and Mrs Mere Samisoni.


We strongly endorse that a holistic approach to human security be adopted by our Security Forces as the basis of the democratic state and the institutions for national security.
** We had possibly the greatest Police Commissioner in our nation’s history, Andrew Hughes, who you bastards chased away. Lo and behold, crime and drugs are at an all time high.


We must achieve the efficient and effective as well as sustainable utilisation of the nation’s resources for our socio-­economic development.
** To paraphrase the late Ratu Mara – Mahen, you mad mutt, don’t even THINK about native land …
** An earlier posting, “The People and the Land”, discusses the view that our pristine ecosystem, in other words, the fact we have left much of our land untouched, means that Fiji possesses a commodity which is a global treasure. Most of the world’s land masses have been interfered with by man. We have something that the rest of the world cannot buy, create, sell or manufacture. Do we really want to let the illegal regime rape that too?


The main insult that underpins this sorry excuse for a document, this charter, is the drive to divorce the Fijian people from our native land. Chodo thinks that if he can change how we use the word ‘Fijian’, the spiritual connection we have with our land will suddenly disappear, or become illegitimate. I repeat Ratu Sukuna – The People and the Land Are One. Our connection is a valid truth. You cannot change it, Chodo, or make it disappear. Like light, it is not overcome by dark, but by its nature chases away the dark.

This charter will fail. Not because the SDL may or may not talk to Methodists about it, but because it is inherently flawed. And because the people of Fiji, God bless them, are not fooled.

God bless Fiji

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